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wheel Repair

We provide following wheel repair services

Wheel Alignment

Wheel alignment is significant to the lifetime of your vehicle. If you hit the tyres massive damage on road, you force bump your delay out of the carefully intended places that the parts have been allocate.

Wheel Balancing

The next important thing is wheel balancing. This is done to correct the imbalance between the disk assembly and all tyres. If any imbalance is rectified minimum weights are includes to the wheel rims segment for balancing wheels.

Nitrogen Fill Up

Nitrogen filling save fuel, save money, and save the environment. You can save upto 6% on your car milleage by switching to Nitrogen.

Tyre Punctures

A tyre puncture, is also known as a flat tyre, is a situation that causes a pneumatic radial deflates the wheel’s rim to drive on the road surface. This might lead to problem of vehicle control or make damages on tyre.

Tyre Sales

When you need a replacement tire, visit our team to find what you need. We have all the major brands of tires. Sometimes repairing a tire or rim is more cost-effective than buying new. We have the experience needed to give you great service at affordable prices. We guarantee that you'll be satisfied when you visit us for tire sales or repairs. Our experienced team will offer great advice, ensuring you'll always leave happy.